This past December, we told you that JesusThoughts was going to undergo some changes — that we would be changing the type of content that we produce.

For the past two years, JesusThoughts has operated with the objective of Equipping People to Encounter God. We have shared with you our hearts on many important subjects, and we have had responses that our content had been encouraging people around the globe. But at home, in our hearts, we have still struggled with the realities of living in our world.

Especially as college students, we have had trouble engaging with our world and reaching them for the glory of Jesus. It seems that the things that we believe as followers of Christ just aren’t translating to the world we are called to love. We feel like outsiders and condemners, instead of encouragers and friends. We have been torn between what we have believed the life of Jesus to teach us and the longing in our hearts to truly engage with the world around us.

The problem is that there are tons of issues that seem to separate “us” from “them.” Which leaves us with a challenging question: how do we truly and practically love the world like Jesus did?

That is where JesusThoughts is headed. From now on, our content will be aiming at navigating in between extremes and assumptions and getting to the heart of what it means to love like Jesus. How do we truly put ourselves in a position that allows the spirit of the living God to move powerfully and freely through us.

We will begin to slow down our content production and post things on an unfixed schedule. Instead of bringing you nifty things that we have been learning from the Word, we’ll be bringing you our own stories of challenge, triumph, and failure as we embark on a bold experiment to Love Like Jesus.

Check back soon for more.